CEO Dr. Miyamoto


Under our management philosophy of “the Kyowa Kirin Group companies strive to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world by creating new value through the pursuit of advances in life sciences and technologies”, and as a Japan-based Global Specialty Pharmaceutical Company, we are striving to utilize diverse drug discovery technologies, such as our unique antibody technologies, to discover innovative new drugs that will make patients and their caregivers smile.


We have designated as our vision for 2030, “Kyowa Kirin will realize the successful creation and delivery of life-changing value that ultimately makes people smile, as a Japan-based Global Specialty Pharmaceutical company built on the diverse team of experts with shared passion for innovation”. Around the world, there are still many diseases lacking effective treatment and various medical issues that cause suffering and concern to patients and medical professionals. In Kyowa Kirin, we are working to foster diverse teams whose mission it is to tackle these issues. Their active participation in these teams to work towards our vision continues to propel the company forward. By identifying unmet medical needs and creating new pharmaceuticals and solutions to meet those needs, and by innovating across the company, it is Kyowa Kirin’s aim to create life-changing value that brings smiles to people suffering from disease and gives them hope that their lives can change dramatically for the better.


Moreover, the world is currently facing a number of issues, such as threats from climate change, damage to biodiversity, a lack of energy security and various types of inequality. We at Kyowa Kirin believe we should respond to these issues by taking actions based around SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Through our pharmaceuticals business, we will contribute to improving the lives of people suffering from disease and address the issues facing the world.


Going forward, everyone at Kyowa Kirin will continue to work together for the health and well-being of people around the world.



Executive Director of the Board
President and Chief Executive Officer
Masashi Miyamoto